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Types of Cabinet Materials

So you may ask 'What are cabinets made of'? Well, they are made of wood as most people would assume, but cabinets are often constructed of a combination of materials including wood. There are a handful of common materials used in cabinet construction and we outline them here.

  • Particleboard - Particleboard is composed of wood chips and wood shavings and then compressed into sheets of wood. Since they are not made of solid wood, particle cabinets are not as durable and can break much easier. However, particleboard cabinets are the least expensive cabinets and offer a cost-effective solution for some homeowners.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) - This engineered wood is denser than particleboard and held together by glue. This type of wood is also used in engineered laminate flooring as well. This wood is very durable and higher quality than particleboard although slightly more expensive.
  • Plywood - Cabinets made of plywood are typically the strongest and most durable compared to particleboard and MDF. As with any higher quality product, you get what you pay for. The cost of plywood is slightly higher than engineered, and much more expensive than particleboard.

Once you figure out the type of wood foundation you would like to use you should then decide on the type of veneer and laminate that will go over the wooden base. We talk about the different types of veneers and laminates in our next article.

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